Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top 10 + lately

Top 10 ways to get your life back on track

1. Get back to your old routine- if you didn’t have one, make one. I absolutely thrive on organization and routine. I’ll be honest, I’m a complete wacko..I am very particular about certain things in my life.. I need control what can I say? When shit hits the fan, those things are the first thing to fall away which makes me even more crazy. Finding my way back to the “sweet spot” of my routine allows me to focus my energy on the things that really need my attention. 

2. Friends/Family… Even when you feel like your 100% alone, these people are there for you no matter what.. use them. Talk, don’t talk, cry, yell and scream or burn some shit.. they will still love you anyway. 

3. Workout. Again.. this one of the first things that fell off the radar. Even though a good sweat session gets your “feel good” hormones pumping.. I had a really hard time motivating myself to actually workout. Now that I’ve been getting my sweat on, I can feel good knowing I did something awesome for my body and my mind- so if the rest of the day sucks.. it’s ok.. But honestly, most of the time it changes your piss poor attitude for the better!  

4. Eat well. I know you think I’m going to say to focus on good  healthy food.. but no.. I’m telling you to eat JUNK.. Ben and Jerry’s, Smartfood popcorn, Bacon Cheese Fries, Candy and Chocolate.. basically whatever your fancy.. It’s ok- it’s only temporary- It might not be productive… but it will make you happy for now- Go with it. 

5. Eat well. OK.. so now that you’ve eaten your weight in fake cheesy popcorn and ice cream you need to balance that shit out with some veggies, fruit and protein. At least then your body is getting the right nutrients so your strong enough to face your bullshit head on. 

5. Puppy Snuggles. I can’t tell you how many times I cried on Tuna-moose, or how many times I was sad and depressed and he crawled up on me and laid down. He is a silly little freak of a bright spot in my life and I’m extremely thankful for him.. Except when he pee’s or poops in the house- both of which happened today. Thanks T-M- your kind of a douche sometimes, but I love you anyway.  

6. Burn stuff. Having a fire is therapeutic, and if anything allowing the flames to mesmerize you, is a good break from the circus of thoughts going through your head. And bonus.. you can get rid of some crap you no longer need. 

7. Get sleep… life is much easier with rest. 

8. Dream big.. it doesn’t matter what your dreaming about.. traveling, a new car, a new job… whatever..  The point is, you have to find stuff to look forward to or work towards. 

9. Be impulsive.  

10. Be you… because no one else can be. 

 I have gotten back into my routine.. at least a little bit. I went to the gym, worked out at home- including a little bit of yoga and ran a bunch of times and even ate pretty damn good. 
 The running wasn’t exactly the best- My shin splint in back in full force and my legs almost always feel like lead. 
 Funny thing is, I’m never sore from running.. or even really tired at all. But man.. shin splints are no joke.. I mean, who doesn’t like the feeling of their muscles pulling away from bone? 
I do get sore from workouts I make up on the spot.. always..  but the best part is that I have my BFF to make me laugh my way through them! 
What would I do with out YOU

Tuna-Moose selfies ;)

One way to motivate the mutt to sit still for these..  or at least make him incredibly happy..  Letting him lick the yogurt container after its empty (the same goes for my bowl after breakfast each day)  
 And until you give in to his pathetic little face… 
He makes funny faces pressed up against the screen.. He’s such a clown!

-Burrito bowls-

 -Homemade gluten free paleo-ish pizza-
(This came out os much better than I expected and it was simple and cheap too!)

AND I finally get a fresh haircut! 

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