Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rt 66 Road Trip, Pt.1, Day 3

I was up half the night from the crazy wind and the sounds of cows mooing (I think they were scared too) I did manage a little bit of rest and was exceptionally happy that we didn't blow away. 
This morning we were prepared. We had our single burner, coffee pot and extra strong coffee working before 7am. Once the coffee was in hand, there was a little breakfast, showers and repacking of the car. 

It was time to make our way out of Texas. Thanks for "Big Meat" (as Anne Burrell would say) awesome sights and a terrifying night. There was one last stop on our exit,
The Midpoint Cafe

As the name suggests, The Midpoint Cafe if located in the exact middle of Route 66. Halfway between Chicago and Los Angeles (1139 miles to each) 

This place was super cute and retro

 and even though it took a little while for our food to come, it was pretty good. 

Yeah… those aren't gluten free pancakes- in fact that are 100% the real deal. With lots of butter and even some fake syrup. Don't judge me- I'm on vacation. 
The Midpoint Cafe is also known for its "Ugly Pies" so of course we had to get a piece to go… 
We went with pecan even though I really wanted Coconut Cream (obviously… we all know coconut is my favorite food group) It was definitely one of the best pecan pies I’ve ever had.. 

From The Midpoint Cafe, we continued west into New Mexico. The town of Tucumcari was the best strip of Rt.66 as far as old signs were concerned.
(Lots of pictures ahead)

 My only wish was that we gone through it at night to see all of these neon signs lit- but it was still awesome. AND I'm pretty sure I almost killed us multiple times stopping short to take pictures. I was most definitely driving like a maniac.. It was totally worth it

Other than this strip, there really wasn't much that I wanted to see in New Mexico.. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely beautiful.. like I could totally live here.. But there isn't much for wacky Rt. 66 attractions.
I am however still kicking my self in the ass for not buying this hat
What? I could rock that shit… 

 We drove to Albuquerque, grabbed some coffee, stole some internet and hit AAA to get some camping tour books and then reserved a camp spot about 30 minutes out of the city. But before we headed to set up camp, we stopped and grabbed some food to make once we got there.. Like Coco kind of food- SALAD..  And we had to grab some bowls and utensils so we stopped at the Dollar Store and I found these pimp glasses
Worth every penny.
As soon as we got to the campground, I went to work making food, and James put the tent and hammocks up. 
 (My body thanked me for this dinner for sure)

After dinner, we jumped in the pool real quick and then I got the bright idea to go for a run since I've been super slacking (and someone called me out on it- thanks for that :p )  my race is 1 month away and I'm pretty sure I've run a total of 17 miles SINCE my race last month. (At this point I should be back to 20-25 miles a week) So I got suited up- James and Tuna even came. Too bad the weather here makes your entire body feel like sandpaper..including your mouth and lungs- trying to breathe deeply is like trying to inhale sand. So I ran 2 miles.. and felt like I was dying. 
So instead of doing 5 or 6 miles, I sat in my hammock with some hard cider and worked the rest of the night away. 

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