Monday, June 10, 2013

Arkansas Adventures Continued

After dinner, Sarah and I headed out on our date (We all decided that it would be a good idea to have a "couple" night… while us girls went out one night the boys watched the kids.. and vice versa.) Sarah and I decided on pedicures to start..

We had to come home for a little while so Sarah could nurse Juju and then we were off to downtown for a drink out on the patio at Stickys! This place was pretty low key and perfect for girl talk over a couple drinks. 

(Terrible pictures.. but you get the idea)

Day 4
We weren't really sure what to fill the morning with.. We knew we were going to get some BBQ for lunch when Shaun had a break from work, so we didn't want to go to far… so we suited up and headed to the pool and splash park which is located right on the base- just down the road- for a little fun in the sun and a quick swim. 
 Kenna put her own sunscreen on.. can you tell? haha- I just had to snap a picture before helping her rub it in.. 
 Getting 4 kids out the door is a task- but at least they are super cute!
We got to the pool/splash park and found out it didn’t open until 11- which was a big bummer because we actually got out of the house and there for 10 (which is the time we thought it opened) But Sarah is a magician and talked them into putting the splash park on early for 15 minutes or so.. The kids were having a blast!
 My nephew Luke is the most amazing human I know. He was born at 24 weeks, has been through at least 19 surgeries, and is most certainly the strongest person ever. He is such an amazing soul and has really taught me so much in his short 8 years in my life. Anyway.. he LOVED the water.. and I attempted to get a picture of us- but he was too concerned with why the water stopped! I still got a good one ;) 
 The pool was absolutely beautiful too- and though it was just open for lap swim, no one was there so we were able to take the kids in too. I got in a few laps myself- only to realize that I need to get back in the pool on the regular.. I’m thinking swimming should be my XT of choice durning the next 5 months.

After a little over an hour- the kids were changed and we were back in the car to grab Shaun and then head over to The Mean Pig BBQ. (Which according to the family was on Man Vs. Food) I didn't eat meat for 15 years of my life- so this was my first experience with actual BBQ and pork ribs.. I may have eaten half a rack of ribs to my face.. and loved every bite.. Who needs side dishes anyway? That shit is for ameturs

SO GOOD.. The Mean Pig did not disappoint.. 
I was so stuffed after lunch, we headed back home and got a little rest in- food coma style
 And a little Land Before Time action with one of my favorite side kicks
“Auntie Crystal, let me sit with you!” (My heart just melts) Best cuddle buddy there is.
After Shaun got home from work, we had dinner (I know, I know… more food) and got the kids to bed (Actually I didn’t do anything but give them hugs and kisses, lol- did I mention my brother and sister are absolutely amazing parents?) Shaun grabbed Sarah and I some wine before he and James went out on their Bro-date. We spent the night killing the wine, chatting and watching Hitch. 

Day 5
The last full day of our stay, Sarah and Shaun took us to the River walk

 Arkansas is absolutely beautiful. There is a ton of stuff to do, and most of it is free! I had no idea what an amazing place it is! 
We took a side trip to Starbucks for some coffee and then went to the Puch’s Mill.

 Unfortunately the fun had to end sometime.. We went to buy stuff for the second half of the trip, had an amazing dinner (Thanks Sarah!! SO YUMMY) and finished the night with ice cream and a movie (I totally fell asleep at like 10)

Day 6
We woke up fairly early, had coffee and breakfast and got the last little bit of snuggles and fun in with these chocolate faces
 The car packed up and Tuna waiting inside, we said our good-byes (I kept my tears to myself.. )
Time to hit the road!

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