Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Home stretch!

Long time no talk.. You’ll have to excuse my absence.. Shit has been really crazy over here. 
A couple of weeks ago I started my new job and between working doubles and the last few weeks of half marathon training, I’ve barely had time to do anything. You should see the state of my laundry basket, bathrooms, and floors.. Oh man do I need to get cleaning. 
That won’t be happening this week though.. because I’m taking it easy preparing for race day THIS SUNDAY!
Tuna has been helping me with my training
 Which is mostly me stealing his heat after my ice baths.. 
My race day socks have come in
 I’m doing my best to really REST on my off days of running
 Especially this week.. With only ONE training run left, I’m not doing a whole lot of anything else.. but Sunday I ran my first double digit run 

So now all that’s left is that final run tomorrow morning, a massage in the afternoon and race day SUNDAY! Woot Woot.. 
Wish me luck! 

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