Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crappy Runs (the exercise not the shits)

My run this morning was ROUGH.. it was only 4 miles (with 2 miles as a tempo- 8:30) I paused the treadmill at least 5 times. My legs felt like lead and my head just wasn’t really in it. 
Whatever, I got it done and over with. 
But lets backtrack a little.

Yesterday I did the second workout of the BBB- though my gym doesn’t have Bosu balls so I had to modify some of the exercises. I rocked my newish bright pants
 Later I did some grocery shopping. James came home from work and we took the dogs for a hike
(Yup.. I’m still wearing the same clothes.. lol)
 We found this old fireplace in the middle of nowhere 
 Crossed a scary dam- which I almost fell into 3 times
 And thoroughly exhausted the dogs.. (And ourselves- we were STARVED)  Tuna was totally zoned out in the car ride back
We covered 4.5 miles. 
While driving home, we devised a plan for dinner.. Divide and conquer! James took care of the ground lamb making it into burgers- seasoned with rosemary and feta cheese. I popped the sweet potatoes in the microwave (fastest way!) and started to steam the kale. Dinner was ready in 15 minutes flat..
I kind of inhaled the kale before I cared about taking a picture.. oh and ground lamb is amazing BTW.. holy moly! 

So yeah.. Back to today.. 
Crappy run, Check. 
I was supposed to give a massage- but that got canceled. Instead I’m having a second cup of coffee before cleaning and then heading out to my Tattoo Consultation appointment! The rest of the night will be time with clients. 

Who’s doing Best Body Bootcamp out there?? 
Have you ever had lamb? What’s your favorite way to prepare/eat it?
Been on any crappy runs lately? How about great hikes?


  1. oh yes, i've had those workouts/runs. But glad you could get out and take tuna for a walk, love that face! and love lamb!! we usually roast it.

    1. I need to try it roasted still! Thankfully there haven’t been too many runs that have been like this!