Monday, March 18, 2013

The Highlights+ a WO

Hey kids- what’s crack-a-lackin? 
I’ve had a very productive Monday! How about you all?
First lets get some photos from the tail end of last week in here
Dinner Friday night 
 Shrimp Nime Chow.. I’m determined to convince myself that I like shrimp.. The peanut sauce helps ;) I never eat peanut butter anymore- so this was a double treat- because Nime Chow is seriously one of my favorite appetizers ever.. These were super yummy and had fresh Cilantro in place of the basil- which was brilliant! 
We shared a couple of sushi rolls and some seared (unpictured) Tuna steak

I got up early to get my training run in before work- I’ve decided I need to make my long run days on Saturday so that I can have a whole day off from teaching/work/ working out.. I’ve said it before.. and I’m going to say it again.. I don’t know how you guys run 20-60 miles a week.. I’m running a fraction of that and my body isn’t happy about it! Maybe someday….
My bosses are totally NUTS.. like really.. (It is a mother and son that own the restaurant and she is somewhere close to 80 years old and one hot shit..)
She made this model of herself to keep a close eye on the cooks in the kitchen
James went to visit a friend in Boston for the night- so I got together with my friend Paula for a classy night of "Wine and Cheese” which was really crappy cheap Yago Sangria and Smartfood popcorn.. 
I followed that up with a night of “sleep” on the couch with both of the dogs crammed next to me- I’m pretty sure they slept great.. Me not so much ;)

Sunday morning I taught a demo at a new to me studio for potential job.. Funny- I was under the impression that I actually already HAD the job.. hence teaching a demo for students to see what they were going to get when they came to my class.. 
It wasn’t until AFTER I taught the free class that the chick who owns the place told me she would “get back to me” after someone else did a demo. 
Sometimes people in this business are flakes- and I’m totally included in that- but I will tell you that I would have chosen a different day to teach a free class than the middle of my Sunday! 
I decided to blow off steam at T.J. Maxx- James and I needed a couple new bath towels- all of our old ones are from 8 years ago when we got our first place! (While they are in pretty decent shape considering.. we have donated them to the dogs) 
I found 2 awesome Ralph Lauren towels- for $7 a piece.. along with the perfect frame for Hydro’s foot print- which I immediately put on the wall 
(eventually this wall will be a frame collage as I find or make the right frames and photos- I want to keep with the black and white theme)
And then I got some new workout pants in Periwinkle! 
(Pictures will come soon)
And though I decided not to get this I am obsessed- how cute is this single serve espresso pot?!
James and I use a 9 cup espresso pot just like this for our everyday coffee- and LOVE it.. so much better than drip coffee. Too bad this little guy was $16.99.. 

James got home around 3- and I was super excited to hang out with him.. I felt like I hadn’t seen him all weekend! Before we headed out I reserved a couple of movies at Redbox (this is the first time we have used this whole reservation thing.. and it was awesome- definitely will be doing this again!) We grabbed a coffee, hit up Target and Savers before going to pick up our movies. As soon as we got home we got to work on dinner
Whole roasted chicken with a St. Patty’s Day veggie boil (which included green cabbage, carrots, onion and potatoes- to flavor the boiling water I added some bacon fat, salt, crushed red pepper and parsley) 
We watched both movies- The Help and That’s My Boy.. Both were awesome- and it was the perfect end to the weekend. 

So back to today!
Paula is getting back on board with me a couple days a week at the gym.. We met at 7AM today and went through some super sets that were inspired by a workout I saw in the last Oxygen Magazine I got.
It looked like this

Set #1- 3x thru
15 Plie squat (used 50lbs)
12 Romanian deadlifts (20lb DBs)
12 (each leg) Lunge (20lb DBs)

Set #2- 2x thru
12 (each arm) Push up Row (20lb DBs)
12 Bent over Row 

Set #3- 2x thru
12 Overhead press (20lb DBs)
12 Bent over lateral raise (10 lbs DBs)

Set #4- 3x thru
12 Biceps curl (15lb DBs)
12 Triceps kickback (10lb DBs)

Set #5-3x thru
20 Decline weighted crunch

I got home and enjoyed a little homebrew (Cranberry apple kefir soda- which is awesome BTW) in a wine glass because I’m super classy
 Followed by coffee #2 and a leftover bowl
In the bowl: bacon, chicken, mushroom, spinach and an egg topped with hot sauce- duh!
Fueled, I tackled all of the house cleaning, the bank, library, Redbox return, food prep, class prep, teaching and tax stuff- Phew.. Glad I was so productive! 

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