Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lots of food- dinners at home +away

The beginning of the week was full of healing a sick Tuna.. Apparently his stomach isn’t really into table food-(even though it was just a couple bites) which we had shared with him on Sunday. Needless to say, it wasn’t fun! Poor little dude! He was left to eat plain white rice for a day and a half.

Thankfully we had more enjoyable meals
Cauliflower “rice” topped with two eggs over easy
And a monster glass of wine
It was the end of a box of wine (Bota Boxes are awesome BTW)  and James misjudged the amount that was left in there… I couldn’t finish it.. 

I woke up starved Tuesday and it was a banana dipped right into the almond butter kind of morning
 OOOMMMMM.. get in my belly
No utensils required
Followed by a 3 mile run before work. 
After the restaurant shift, I met with a client, ate dinner and went to Wholefoods for a little quiet time while I browsed. 

Wednesday started with a trip to Trader Joes to finish grocery shopping for the week ahead and I found some cranberry juice
 Mostly for James and partially for my first batch of water Kefir!
 Since this was the first batch it really isn’t potent or as active as it will be.. but it’s pretty easy and good so far.. I’ll keep you posted! 
James took a half day and so we headed out for a hike with Sammy (Tuna stayed home because he doesn’t have a name tag yet and we didn’t think he was ready to listen off leash)

 Such a beautiful day! We covered just under 5 miles in 1:52- and that included a 10 minute pit-stop to the last place Hydro swam.. We had a couple moments of sadness, a ceremonious tossing of a stick and  a couple of happy stories before we went on our way
 I miss you so freakin much Hydro :(
I got home and tossed together a quick packed dinner- Thank you food prep! I need to do this more.. it really makes my life so easy! (I had a client, followed by a yoga class)
Roasted veggies, sweet potato, hard boiled egg and 1/2 an avocado
I most definitely snacked on some Kerrygold cheese, and homemade guacamole + tortilla chips with a glass of wine- and then passed out! 

Did you have nice weather in your neck of the woods?! 
How did you enjoy it?!

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