Friday, February 8, 2013

Storm+ Recipe teasers+ a Whole lot of food+ a WO

Hey there- coming to you early-ish this morning before Mother Nature dumps a crap load of snow on us here in the North East. It is expected to be 2 1/2 FEET of snow.. Seriously?! I need to move.. 
Oh well.. Guess it’s time to sharpen my snowball and snowman making skills! And maybe snuggle with these mutts.. (although I’m a little angry with Hydro- I know he’s brain dead and everything.. but taking a crap on my floor when he just went outside 3 minute before.. not cool man) 
(He is currently in bathtub timeout) 

Remember my attempt at Marshmallows- without a mixer? Well they are nothing like marshmallows.. at all.. but still pretty good- They have a texture like jello with a fluffy topper
 James didn't really dig the different textures- but the chocolate coffee flavor was awesome
  And it kind of looks like a Reeses cup, hah.. 

So I had this spectacular idea for another way to enjoy my gelatin supplement- I’ll give you a hint  
It came out better than I could have ever anticipated.. mmm..
Recipe coming next post… be sure to check back ;)

Thursdays tend to be some of the most active days around here and this week was no different. I started the day off with a short training run- 2 miles running followed by 2 miles of walking on the little old treadmill.. I took the time to catch up with Paula. I came home and did the Quickie WO, showered, and got my clients WO all squared away.
 Lunch time rolled around
I still can’t believe I eat Sardines.. they are pretty good though! 
A bit later I grabbed a little snack as I was heading out the door to hang out with Paula for a bit
That is Trader Joe’s 85% dark chocolate (times two) and a dried fig.. Just the right amount of sweetness to pick up the afternoon.
I got home and took the mutt for a VERY cold walk.. I don’t think I have walked our route so fast in my life.. it was flipping freezing- it was about 35 minutes.. (Kind of regretting it now that he thanked me with that little surprise today lol) 
I warmed up, changed back into workout clothes and headed back out the door to meet with my client..  Then is was back home for 20 minutes to inhale dinner (My salad with Sardines and some left over coconut soup) Back out the door to teach yoga..  Needless to say I was VERY excited to come home to a glass of wine and an episode of Law and Order on Netflix. But then it STRUCK.. I was starved and I needed a snack.. STAT! 
So I threw some stuff together in an almost empty honey jar.. 
It’s not perfect but it hit the spot- and reminded me a bit of a brownie
1/2- 1 tsp honey
1 tsp Coconut oil
1 Tbsp Coconut flour
1/2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
dash of salt
1 whole egg
1/4 scant tsp baking powder
1-2 Tbsp water 
Mixed up- popped into the microwave for 1-2 minutes..  top with coconut butter. 
I’m coconut obsessed.

I was supposed to work this morning- but got a call to stay in- and I’m pretty sure work is canceled for tomorrow too.. unless I somehow can strap a sled onto the mutts and mush my way in.. To say I’m happy about that is an understatement :) 

Breakfast was awesome.. I looked down into the bowl and found a friend!
It’s a shark! Or a fish?! Either way.. I couldn’t have done it on purpose if I tried.. 
I followed breakfast up with a quickie workout 
This was a FUN workout- and very effective in 18 minutes.
Each round I tried to beat my score.. it was TOUGH.. and though I wasn’t able to actually beat my score it was a good incentive to push myself as hard as I could. 
Round 1: 4 complete rounds and up to 1 sit up into round 5
Round 2: 4 complete rounds and up to 4 jump squats
Round 3: 4 complete rounds and up to 3 Jump squats 

Fellow North Easters.. Stay safe and warm! 
Happy Friday Friends!! 

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