Monday, February 25, 2013

A couple of suckers

Hello Monday! 
I’m very happy to start a new week- last week was rough. 
This weekend was spent working an extra long Saturday, followed up with trying to convince myself to like Shrimp
(Yeah, I still don’t like it- but I forced 5 of them down for the protein anyway)
And some Sammy snuggles

I woke up pretty early, had some coffee and a banana with almond butter before headed to the gym for the next training run on the calendar
When I started, I wasn’t into it- but I felt good about checking it off. 
After I got home, I made omelets for James and I, we had more coffee and hung out for a little bit. James got some work done in the basement and I did some writing. A little reflecting on dogs I’ve had in the past- and the lessons they have taught me- but mostly thinking about Hydro-face
I found this awesome picture the other day while I was trying to figure out how to un-erase a video I had of him saying I love you. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful :(  

James and I have been talking about going for some puppy therapy.. You know, going somewhere to smother a wiggling little fur ball with some extra love to brighten our spirits..  We had been looking on just to look- both of us saying we weren’t ready for another dog, but it doesn’t hurt to look, right? 

Well we ended up at the shelter

And we are a couple of suckers

Needless to say.. we brought someone home
Meet Tuna!

Tuna is about 6 months old and 40 lbs. and super sweet. However, he is still very much a puppy, so we have some work to do.. House training and manners here we come.. Lets hope Hydro taught me some patience, I’m going to need it. 

Even though we hadn’t planned on getting another dog so soon- I know Hydro would want us to be happy- and Tuna seems like a really good friend for Sammy too.

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