Monday, January 28, 2013

Adventures in yogurt making + 50k +WO

I eat yogurt.. A lot. I think I’m making up for the vegan years (5 years!) That is a whole lot of lost time. .. and I truly love the stuff.. and cheese.. YUM.. Even though “it’s not optimal” according to most paleo folks- I’m  not giving it up again.. 
I try to make sure I buy Organic and full fat- but it gets pricey, especially if your a greek yogurt fan- I only eat the plain stuff, but it’s a pain in the bum to find one that matches the organic/full fat profile that doesn’t require me to take a loan out on my house… or try to sell my art. (On second thought- selling my art would cost me money.. ) 
So I finally decided- after going to WholeFoods where they didn’t have my yogurt.. again- that I was going to make my own.. and so I did.. I can’t tell you how idiot proof this is.. and I’m kind of mad that I didn’t try this sooner.. Not only does it taste the same (or better) than store bought, but it saves a ton of money!
I did what any good hippie kid with the internet would do.. I googled that shit and found THIS recipe/tutorial. The google gods were smiling on me.. and I have never been more grateful. 
So here we go..

#1 Get your supplies
-Two 1 quart glass jars (I got mine at Michaels for $2.29 each) along with another jar- which will hold the starter for future batches (I had a left over PB jar and lid)
 -1/2 gallon on milk (preferably organic and full fat- though you can use the milk of your choice)
-Store bought yogurt with LIVE and ACTIVE cultures (4 TBSP)
-A digital thermometer, a small cooler, and time :)

#2 Heat your milk to 180 degrees (this kills any lingering bacteria)
#3 allow your milk to cool to 110 degrees and then whisk in your starter yogurt (Make sure it’s really mixed in there good- use your guns!)
#4 pour milk/yogurt mixture into your jars and cover
*The small jar will be used for your next batch*
#4 heat some water to 120 degrees- meanwhile your going to put your jars into the small cooler. When the water is up to temperature you will pour the water into the cooler- you want the water level to be an inch or two below the lids. 
#5 Shut the cooler, and walk away- for 6 hours (you can test it after six hours for tartness- leaving it a bit longer if you like it sassy) 
#6 Place your yogurt in the fridge overnight. (if you want to eat some of it before this step- go for it.. I know waiting for 6 hours is super tough- especially if you have the patience of a toddler like I do.. But I will worn you- warm yogurt.. isn’t very good.. But knock yourself out)

#7 HURRAY!! Your yogurt is FINALLY ready to eat.. Unscrew the lid and look at its wonderfulness- Then take a scoop
At this point- you have regular, wonderful, full fat, organic yogurt.. YUM.. It’s good just like this.. BUT if you want to take it just one more step (and wait a couple more hours) you will have the most amazing greek yogurt of your life.. 

#8 (optional step) Scoop your yogurt into a fine mesh strainer which has been lined with two coffee filters or two layers of cheese cloth.. Put over a bowl, stick it in the fridge and walk away for 2-3 hours.  When you come back- you will be super excited! 

#9 The best part- You just saved yourself a BOATLOAD of money.. the milk was $3.79, the yogurt you already had (if you didn’t it probably cost a $1) and the Jars are a one time purchase.. and if you have some jars the you can reuse- even better..
 TWO quarts of Organic, Full Fat, Yogurt (or greek style which will be a little less than two quarts after it’s drained) for HALF price! 
PLUS your awesome for making your own yogurt.. That’s priceless (what am I saying.. You are already awesome.. )
**Thank you** 

Today marked a landmark for my little car
HOLD the phone.. I drove THAT much in just 3 years? I wish it was closer to 100,000.. I love road trips.. To think my little Carmine had just 4 miles when I got him.. <3 p="">

This morning my workout was super simple
Savage WO- run through 5 times
10 Jump Squats
10 Lateral lunges (each leg)
10 plank twisters
10 Jump lunges (each leg)

I followed it with a half hour walk  (I’m trying to incorporate more low intensity Cardio to off-set the training runs)

Hope your Monday was fantastic!
Have you ever made yogurt, Kefir, Komucha, or kim chi yourself?? Tell me about it!

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