Saturday, January 26, 2013

Improvements in ADHD symptoms and the paleo-ish/ gluten free connection

Hey! What’s good? 
Oh you know, same old same old over here. 


BIG cups of coffee- A lot 

Providence Bruins game last night- free tickets!
I LOVE hockey.. nothing says fun quite like a bunch of heads hitting plexiglass and men beating each other up. Super excited to go to another free game on Sunday!

Woke up to more snow
Headed to the gym for a training run- only 50 more to go… 
No seriously.
I tossed in 12 wide grip pull ups and 50 pushups- done and done. 

 The husband is working overtime today- I have no work due to mandatory vacation and it’s cold.. which means I really have nothing to do but play with makeup and take pictures of myself.
 (Your welcome for the laugh)
 I wish I knew why the best pictures are the ones with stupid looks on my face.. 

So as you know I’ve been playing with a Paleo-ish, gluten free diet these last few weeks. Paleo-ish because I am still eating dairy since I only eat fish and eggs as protein sources (I’ve completely cut soy and all other legumes- sorry peanut butter.. I’ll always love you) . Overall I’ve been feeling pretty awesome.
Unexpectedly and totally by accident the lack of gluten and therefore less sugar/insulin in my system has been helping manage my ADHD symptoms. 
I noticed a difference after the first week but wasn’t sure if it was all in my head.. So I started googling. Countless articles popped up, but This one really resonated with me- and it is really worth a read if you or someone you know has ADD or ADHD.
Medication is helpful, but if you can achieve similar benefits without ingesting toxins, wouldn’t you?

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