Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You ever have those moments?

  The moment when someone hands you a gift… but you don’t have one to give them in return? That most definitely happened to me the other day. My boss left an entire box of gifts for each of the students.. and I hadn’t even THOUGHT about getting her one.. Now that I feel like a douche bag- I’m very happy that I will have the chance to buy her something today so I can bring it into the studio for her tomorrow..  (She gave me all of this awesome stuff!)

  The moment that you tell your boss (a different one- have have 3 right now!) that you’ve been called into work at your real job, which means you can’t go and teach that night.. and she comes into the restaurant visiting looking for you.. and you left hours before (meaning that I would have been able to teach after all - I teach there for free in exchange to use the studio for any of my clients at no charge) and THEN she calls you out about it on Facebook the next day.. 
     In all honesty, I didn’t know how late I would be getting off work.. since I was never told. That being said, I was relieved because I didn’t want to teach that night- seeing as no one has been showing. Maybe it wasn’t the best judgment- but damn it.. I’m tired from working extra hours at the places I get paid.. I’m sorry.

   The moment that you realize you are expecting your entire family at your house for Christmas Eve and you have NOTHING at all done..  No baking, no cleaning, no tying up of lose ends.. This holiday seriously has snuck up on me this year.. 

   The moment when you realize your out of your favorite hot sauce…  Good thing I remembered to get more at Target
 So good on eggs.. But eggs are pretty awesome all the time. and so is hot sauce :)

   This mornings workout started with 30 minutes of running on the treadmill followed by some back and side extensions and a little shortie circuit 3 times through (with a 20 lb DB):

10 DB swings (right arm)
10 DB swings (left arm)
10 DB rows (right arm)
10 DB rows (left arm)
10 DB overhead triceps press
10 decline push ups

      In and out of the gym in 1 hour..  Perfect! I was even more excited to get home, snack, shower, and make my way to my massage appointment. Getting massages are one of my favorite past times- My massage therapist Jess is amazing.. sometimes I want to cry because she gets so deep into my muscles, but seriously it’s so worth it..
    Afterwards, Paula and I met up for a little shopping, some eyebrow threading and hang out time. After dinner I am off to teach yoga at the kickboxing studio.. 

So tell me… you ever have those moments?

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