Tuesday, December 18, 2012


    Hi guys! We are certainly in the thick of the holiday crazy.. aren’t we? Make sure you pause for a couple beers

     And fuel with some green smoothies

    I love sharing random things that cross my path- here is one of the books that is displayed at the restaurant
    I literally Laughed out Loud. Lately I’ve been spending some time drawing and painting in between lots of work
    And doing my best to keep the good food stocked in house
    And of course shopping and having some fun in between.

   Monday morning started with a who lot of leg work- the first grouping was all squats.. feeling the burn
    After the gym, I cleaned up and grabbed some coffee before heading to the mall for more shopping
      Four hours later, I managed to find some really good stuff, and hit up Trader Joes for some fridge restocking.. Thankfully afterwards I was able to hang out for a while and chill since I’m fighting a cold- before I went to teach. Needless to say I crashed when I got home!
   How are you handling that holiday hustle?

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