Saturday, December 22, 2012

WO+ Hibachi

    So I did this awesome workout that I found at Melissa Bender Fitness called “Burper” 2 rounds for time:
15 Burpees
35 V-ups
15 Burpees
35 Pushups
15 Burpees
35 Aussie Pullups
15 Burpees
35 Squats
15 Burpees
35 Kettle bell swings (I subbed medicine ball wood chopper because I don’t own Kbs)

   Zoom in and your going to see a whole lot of sweat on my very wrinkled forehead.. I most definitely thought I was going to die..
   James and I have a little tradition around Christmas, actually there are a ton of traditions around here including LOTS of Christmas movies- because I get a new one every year- A million strands of lights on the tree and giving some of our gifts to each other a little early..  This thumb hole shirt was one of my early gifts
   The brand is Cuddle Duds and I’m absolutely in love.. I may have worn this shirt two days in a row.. one of those days was to a little end of the world gathering- just look at the cupcakes that someone made!
    What better way to celebrate the possible end of the world?

  Saturday was a pretty low key shift at the restaurant… but I couldn’t wait to get home and tackle a workout before going to dinner with some friends:

Warm up- Tabata
High knees
Jumping Jacks
Tuck Jumps
Butt kickers

Main set (also from Melissa Bender Fitness)
(2 rounds of 20 reps per exercise) 10 exercises total

Finisher- Tabata

    After a quick shower and costume change, we met up with our friends (it was his bday!) at the local Hibachi restaurant Kon’s.  (The Bday boy is this guy with his finger in his nose.. so classy)
   James and I started out with a Lollipop roll.. Red tuna, avocado, yellow fin and crab stick (which I picked out) wrapped in thinly slice cucumber.. It was pretty yummy, but I definitely like the rolls with rice better I think.
  James also ate the tail end of our friends sushi roll- that long piece was all eel.. YUCK (I hate eel)
  Once the show started things got crazy.. Shots of Saki (forget about my thumb)
  Flaming volcanos..
  And a little plastic peeing man to put out the flames..
   I had the veggie hibachi.. broccoli, carrots, onions and squash- along with a big serving of fried rice- I couldn’t finish either thing.. but it was yummy for sure.

   It was definitely a great night with good friends! I even got james to take some pictures with me…
 Well we had to take a few since he is such a clown!

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