Monday, December 3, 2012

No good excuses

For my absence..
  I’ve been busy, but not too much.. I’ve been exercising, but not enough.. I’ve been working, but not quite enough.. So instead of excuses, I’ll give you photos since last I checked in with a few words tossed in. I’ll start over fresh tomorrow…
 Thanksgiving Day

 Hydro pooped (after a very short (prob around a mile) long walk (it took us 45 minutes) My poor little guy
 Finishing touches. (Dad got us an early christmas present.. microwave/hood- still isn’t up but in the process!)
 Why does Hydro do this? (Ideas welcome)
 My dad is kind of a clown (guess we know where I get it from)
 Dinner with friends

 Hot/cold salads are the best
 So it broccoli and brown rice
 Hydro says.. I bet you can’t find me (please ignore the toilet)
    Such a goober
 Family traditions- making ornaments.. listening to christmas music.. and lot and lots of movies (and popcorn)

 My contributions 

 James’ contributions… He started with a wine cork and a pipe cleaner and ended up with a hand sewn santa.. that boy never ceases to amaze me.
 Homemade and amazing
 Merry and Bright! (this year we have 9 sets of lights on there.. You can see our tree from outer space I’m sure of it)

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