Monday, November 26, 2012

Vitalicious Vitatops- A Review

    I’ve learned something about myself, I love getting packages in the mail! Especially when it is something new for me to eat. I’m half Italian, I love food.. it really isn’t a shock to you I’m sure.. 
      I came home from the gym one morning, opened up my screen door and a huge box fell on top of me.. VitaTop me! Haha, get it? Vita-Top- right on top…  *cough* Moving on.. 
    I was expecting the samples but man- I wasn’t expecting this!
   There were VitaBrownies, VitaCakes and a bunch of different VitaTops- it was like an early Christmas!

   We have all seen 100 calorie packs of our favorite treats lining the shelves at the market and at first glance it seems like a good intentioned idea. Who doesn’t like Oreos, Chocolate chip cookies, or chips and crackers- for 100 calories at that.. too good to be true?  Flip that package over you’ll see that they are nothing more than cardboard and air flavored with artificial junk, lacking any sort of nutrition. I know your probably thinking.. If I wanted good nutrition I shouldn't eat one of these treats to begin with right?
   Yes… and No.. I’m a firm believer in balance and moderation. So do I think you should eat one of those cardboard oreo 100 calorie cookie packs? Nope..  For one thing, you could just eat the real cookie or make a healthier version on your favorite treat.. or.. have you could have VitaBrownie, VitaTop or VitaCake..  NOT your typical 100 calorie pack! 
     Here’s why:
-100 calories
-No artificial ingredients
-No preservatives
-Made with whole grains
-Filled with Fiber, Protein and 15 vitamins and minerals (Bet your cardboard Oreos don’t have that!)
-And the most important of all… they taste great!
Vitalicious products can be found in the freezer section of your market- I’ve even seen them at Target! When your ready to get your snack on, pull one out of the freezer and microwave or toast to thaw. You can also just allow it to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.. But I don’t have a toaster or a microwave… and I’m about as patient as a 2 year old, so I improvised..
  The space heater works too just incase your wondering..
     Since I was given such a generous variety of flavors, I brought them to a girl’s night and did a little taste test!
(From top left to bottom: mini-cake(which is only 50 calories BTW!), brownie, triple chocolate, corn, apple crumb, double chocolate, chocolate mint, cranbran and banana chip) - I also received banana nut and Fudgy peanut butter chip which I ate right away lol.
   The girls loved them- and while my favorites are most definitely the VitaBrownie, Corn and Banana Nut.. everyone had their favorites- though we all agree that the brownies are amazing! And even better when warmed :)
…. No cardboard here! In all honesty, I was shocked at how well Vitalicious nailed the texture of a traditional muffin (which can clock in somewhere around 500 calories!) for 100 calories.  

 Head over to to purchase and for more info. Or grab a box the next time your shopping and give them a try for yourself! (I’d say get those brownies!)

A big thanks to Vitalicious and to the girls at Crier Communications- Danielle and Katie for sending these samples my way!

***Please note that these opinions are my own, and are 100% honest and truthful. I was not compensated for this review, but did receive the product at no cost to me. 

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