Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fitness for the week

  This week has been nutty. I’ve worked a ton and managed to workout 6 out of the 7 days this week.

   This was the only day I actually made it to the gym. Score! I hit the treadmill for 20 minutes of sprint intervals before moving on to some leg lifting.
- 4x12 Squats
- 2x 12 Lunges
- 2x SS 20 Deadlifts/ 12 Goblet squats
- 2x Single leg Deadlifts

   I met up with James for his break and may have housed some chocolate chip pancakes

I taught later in the night a WO I named “Deb” after one of my students.

3 rounds through
-50 sumo squats w/alternating side leg lifts
-40 skaters
-30 jump lunges
-20 Single leg kick up (10 each leg)
-10 jump squats

  I fit in a short workout that I found the Blast off Workout. This workout was a quick and sweaty-
10 rounds of:
20 jump squats
10 push ups
10 bent over rows
20 mountain climbers
    It took me 17:39 to complete. I refueled before headed to work
Brown rice Tortilla filled with
2 whole eggs+ 2 egg whites
pepperjack cheese
    I warmed up with some intervals 10x 50/10- the first 6 intervals I alternated jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kickers. The last 4 intervals I alternated plank and forearm plank.. I moved on to Zwow 46 which took 12:27 to complete.

   I just did some yoga.

   Another Zwow- I can’t remember which one it was… But it consisted of:
30 burpee buy in followed by
2 rounds of:
  10 wallstand Pushups
  20 Squat jumps
  10 Row Tuck
  10 Jump Lunge side kick
I completed it in just under 20 minutes

SATURDAY- rest  

 I found a 1000 workout on Pinterest:
100 Skipping Rope
100 Squats
100 Mountain climbers
100 Crunches
100 High knees
100 Half Cobra Push ups
100 Bridge Pulses
100 Jump Lunges
50 Jumping jacks
50 Plank twists
100 Plank Jacks
    Completed in 25:29 


  1. wow woman! you have been doing lots of good workouts. No wonder you're eating well too!