Monday, November 19, 2012


   Friday- fueled by greek yogurt with raspberry and blueberry blended in...
   A hilarious text message...
               Samples came in for me to review…

          Working on and teaching my students this posture
    Finally ending with a 30th birthday party for my boss (the owner of the yoga studio) Just showing our guns at the teacher table!

   There were some fruit filled oats for snacks and breakfast..

   I went to work… came home and got ready for a dinner date with my husband- I finally got to try seared tuna, and it was amazing!
    After dinner, we walked around the city for a while before coming home and cuddle puddled on the couch.
     Sunday morning James and I went to breakfast (I know.. I ate out twice in the weekend.. don’t freak out- it’s ok) After breakfast I went to work, it was a pretty good day, it moved quickly. I decided to hit the gym after work..
  I didn’t want to be there for more than an hour- I had a dinner date with the girls- so I kept it quick and dirty..

-20 Minutes of 1 minute sprints/1 minute recovery
Followed by a little circuit I made on the spot- run 3 rounds through
-Clean and press @60lbs- 8 reps
-Deadlifts @60lbs -12 reps
-Jump Squats- 20 reps
-Biceps curls @20lbs each arm- 10 reps
-Mountain Climbers- 20 reps
-Push ups- 10 reps
-Triceps dips- 10 reps
-Russian Twists @20lbs- 20 reps

Done and done!

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