Friday, November 16, 2012

Donations, creative heating methods, Puppy-face and Pizza+ WOs

     Back when Hurricane Sandy first hit the East Coast, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something to help. I have many friends who live in NY and NJ, some who were directly affected.. Plus it was a little too close to home for comfort. Seeing thousands of people still struggling with the aftermath is hard to swallow…

  So I came up with a quick plan and I called it “Om” to Rebuild hOMes”.  $15 Donation (100% of the proceeds to be donated) per student for 1 hour of yoga and a glass of wine afterwards- not a bad Friday night. We raised $500! Which I donated to the American Red Cross this week.
    I’m so excited it was such a success, and more good news- we are going to be making it a semi-regular thing.. I will teach one class a month and proceeds will go to the American Red Cross and the other yoga teacher will teach one class a month and will be donating to a Veterans fund.
    Aren’t they just the cutest little yogis?
     After the class and wine, I met up with the husband at our favorite local bar for a drink and catch up. He got to see a hockey game.. from the Penthouse.. Yeah I was jealous..

   Saturday and Sunday were work days.. nothing to report, that’s for sure. 

   The week started pretty slowly, I taught Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.. Making double workouts on each day.. and refueling with a little something special that came in the mail 
   Yeah I don’t own a microwave… or a toaster… Turns out the space heater works just fine to heat this little muffin top through- even if it does take a while longer, they are totally worth the wait. I have a lot of flavors to try before I give out my full review though.. so be patient ;)
    At some point Hydro came for a ride with me to do some errands.. Poor little dude isn’t getting better.. Super Sad Faced Mommy over here..
    I haven’t updated you guys about him because its just too sad.. I literally hurt and cry almost every time I look into his lifeless little eyes.. James and I are stuck… I love that little dude so, so much- and it kills me to know that I’m going to need to do what is in his best interest.. Which might mean I have to let him go- I don’t want him to be in pain.. without energy, having accidents in the house, etc.. He just isn’t the happy and healthy boy he once was. So while we don’t have any concrete evidence that he has something serious and terminal wrong with him.. (or any answers at all)  we both know in our hearts that there is..  Only time will tell.. Until then we are smothering him with lots and lots of love and trying to enjoy the little time we have left we him.
    Which is why I haven’t gotten a whole lot of high quality sleep these days.. Dogs take up WAY too much of the bed!

   I did have enough energy to make some pizza monkey bread for my friend who fixed my flat tire for free..
      It was the least I could do.. And if you knew my friend Scott you would know that pizza is his most favorite food in the whole world, along side a couple of huge glasses of chocolate milk.. All of my friends have pallets of children, haha..

Workouts this week:
  Monday- Interval pyramid
  Tuesday- Ran 3 miles, 3 minute plank workout, yoga
  Wednesday- 30 minute circuit at PF, yoga
  Thursday- Ran 1 mile- followed by over an hour of PT.. I don’t get paid to teach at the kickboxing gym but I’ll take a free PT session! And more yoga..
  Friday- REST

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