Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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   Most of my lunches look like this lately.
   Hydro looks like this most of the time. Doesn’t he just look so sad? :(  
    I made an appointment with a new Vet for Friday.. Hopefully a new set of eyes will be able to shed some light on what the heck is wrong with the little man.
   My love of cooking come from many places.. My dad, vegetarianism, hunger.. and lack of money.. When my food budget gets tight I definitely cook way more things from scratch- like this batch of pumpkin spiced granola..

   Or the tortillas I used for tonights enchilada dinner..
      It can be kind of fun to wrack your brain for something cheap, delicious and healthy to eat when your low on cash. It looks like I’m about to get a LOT more creative around here….
   You see I got “Let go” from the restaurant I’ve been working at for the past month.. Apparently they aren’t as busy as they were anticipating, so they no longer need the extra help.. Hey I get that.. But what I don’t get (or appreciate) was getting the information through A text message! 
   Maybe I’m old school or something.. but that wasn’t professional… or cool..  

   This week I signed up for the Gloria Gemma 5K.. The Gloria Gemma Breast cancer research foundation was founded in 2004 and has raised a boatload of money for cancer research.. I signed up a bit late, but I’m hoping I can raise some money to donate. If you would like to contribute, click DONATE

 Workouts have been focused on running.. I’ve never been a runner, but I have always WANTED to be one! Plus I really need a goal these days. 
-Monday- 2 miles @9:13pace
-Tuesday- Arms and Abs class (at the new kickboxing gym where I’ve started teaching yoga) 
-Wednesday- 4 miles @8:49- 8:49 pace, Taught Yoga, Random amount of pushups after class with a bunch of the students- hilarious! 

Do you like to cook? 
Are you a runner? 

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