Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bachelorette+ Real men+ a First

         My friend’s, Laura and Scott are getting married on August 25th, so this past Saturday us girls took Laura out- while the men did their thing. We started the night out with a little cocktail hour over at Becky’s house and took that time to get Laura decked out
   Nothing says bride like a plastic vail, hunk of plastic shaped like a diamond and a pink sash. Soon after we shipped out to Meritage; a cute little place with an extensive martini list.
Laura got a sangria the size of her face and I stuck with a cosmo
We were picked up my a limo and continued the night..
 Lets just say Laura had a great time, but the rest of us were dealing with a little bit of drama.. Too many chiefs, not enough indians if you know what I mean.. But what can you do.. sometimes there are just too many ideas and not enough decisions..

     We have a little sun over here

     The perfect backdrop for dinner making
   Real men grill veggies ;) The husband takes pride in his grilling ability.. like most men..
Eggplant, summer squash, mushrooms… Served with a  nice tomato, mushroom and mozzarella salad- An amazing dinner to say the least.

       After dinner, James and I went on a motorcycle ride! Thats right, I went for a motorcycle ride- my FIRST ever!
   James has had his motorcycle for months now
   But I’ve always been scared of them.. Well I finally put my big girl pants on and hopped on the back.  Let me tell you, I am glad I did! I can’t believe how much fun I had… MANY more rides to come :) Speaking of rides, We took the mutts for a ride of their own..
Sammy seems excited, but really all he does is whine and hide under the seats.. Hydro is actually having a great time- he love car rides.. but I guess he was just posing for his mug shot today..

What are your bachelorette party stories?
Do you ride motorcycles?

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