Monday, July 30, 2012

Anniversary weekend photo dump!

    This Saturday July 28, marked James and my 5 year wedding anniversary! (and 9 years together- since we got married on our dating anniversary) In the last year especially, we have really grown together, making us better than ever! We were pretty last minute about plans but were able to throw together a nice mini getaway.
    Check out this super cute card I found for him

     We decided to leave early Saturday morning to make our way up north to North Conway, NH. James asked me to marry him in the White Mountains at a waterfall called Silver Cascade and I just couldn’t wait to see it in the summer (He asked me to marry him in December). We made to the area right about 10:30 and were pretty hungry so we decided to stop at a local favorite for a little brunch

   We always eat at Peaches- super cute, friendly waitstaff and yummy food
    This time we had a minor snag- the waitress forgot to put our order in.. so it took way longer than it should have. At one point she brought us our bill asking how everything was and I panicked! “We didn’t even eat yet!” Ahh I was really starting to get a bit cranky because I need to eat like every 4 minutes.. but thankfully the food showed up 10 minutes later..
   Post nosh we headed right into the White Mountains for a little trip down memory lane.
We hiked to what we thought was the top (which as it turns out was only about halfway up- it’s a bike for sure!) and busted open a bottle of champagne, some chocolate and sat back to enjoy the view. The pictures do no justice to how amazing and high up it really was!
      We headed down the mountain and right over to get some ice cream
Homemade and probable the best pistachio ice cream I’ve ever had- There was also a scoop of cookie dough :)
   We went to check in at the hotel and spent some time hanging out around town. I bought a new pair of gym kicks that may be louder than I am..
   Headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner


Then headed our for another drink


    We got a great nights sleep and jumped right out of bed to get coffee and then breakfast

   It was a perfect little getaway :)

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