Thursday, July 26, 2012

WO+ Focus+ Foods

      Holla happy Thursday- how did you manage the week so far? I’ve been working extra shifts at the toaster because a couple of the girls are on vacay.. so today was the day to catch up on some things I’ve been neglecting- rest, housecleaning, dishes, buying a gift for the husband (our 5th wedding anniversary is Saturday) and last but certainly the most important… Studying

    After weeks of trying to study for my CPT certification sans meds-without ANY success, I tried everything I could think of to be able to focus and nothing seemed to work.. so today,  I made the executive decision to take some Adderall. Back a couple months ago I stopped taking it daily since it was making me an emotional mess- and had stopped being effective.. I was told that I could take it as needed since then, but I was scared. In all honesty, taking it everyday changed me and I didn’t like it.         Taking it as I need it is completely different though, So now it is all about cramming 5 weeks worth of brand new material into two weeks, and using the following two weeks to study everything before the exam. Thankfully I have a months supply of the little blue pill- allowing me to go from 15 minutes of attention at a time to being to study for 2 entire hours.. Fingers crossed I can pull it together and do well on the exam.. 
      One thing I never have a hard time focusing on? Searching out new workouts
     And then actually doing them. (Well at least on of them so far) :)

      CF (Crossfit style) 10-1- Starting from the top, 10 reps; 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of Deadilfts, Bench Press, and Cleans for time.. I completed this workout in 12:53 using 50lbs. The 4 minute plank hold was done separately in the afternoon. Holy Guacamole! I don’t know if my hamstrings have ever been this sore before.
    When I woke up this morning I knew right away I needed to take it easy. I opted for yoga x2 (once at home and one teaching class) Hopefully the clean eats and stretching will heal me quickly.
      While out and about I lost track of time and was STARVED! Paula and I went to the local burrito joint and ordered up some taco style salads
 Yumm.. look at the cilantro and guac! Hit the spot :) also in the bowl- romaine, black beans, peppers and onions, tomatoes, and lots of hot sauce.
    Of course it wasn’t too long before dinner rolled around- we have very limited options since I refuse to go grocery shopping before we go away for a quick weekend anniversary celebration, but I was still able to whip up something good
 Lots of veggies and protein to fuel some teaching. Tonights class was so much fun, lots of laughing and muscle burn to go around! I’m exhausted- time for bed!

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