Friday, June 22, 2012

Reading +WO+ DIY

 Does anyone else out there read multiple books at once? It it something that I’ve always done- blame it on ADHD or the fact that I’m interested in so many things at once.. Either way, at the present moment I am reading more books at once than ever before.
        One of my students is a PE teacher and she brought me a few books that her student teacher left behind for me to check out as well… Look at my desk!
   No wonder I can never get anything done! 

   Besides reading, there has been snacking
   -EAS Chocolate Whey, almond butter, oats and water= fudge sludge 

Dawson’s creek (don’t judge, I rely on Netflix for TV entertainment) salad, water, and un-pictured egg whites.. I’ve been eating A LOT of egg whites lately.. 
    And workouts.. 

A little bit of sparkle makes me feel fancy :)

   And last but not least… some thrifting and DIY

      5 plates, 4 frames, 1 mirror- $16. I’ve been searching for smaller dinner plates for a while and all of the plates were under $3. While I don’t love the blue and white plates they are the perfect size, but I do LOVE the flower plates..

     The  mirror was my best find of the day, and immediately I knew what I wanted to do with it, and where I wanted to put it.. plus it was $1.99!

After a little clean up, sanding, and spray painting… which by the way is one of my favorite things to do… It is so simple and can really make a whole lot of difference..

    I LOVE it! There is still a bit of paint touch ups that need to happen before its hung- but its dramatic and bold. With the purchase of the spray paint, the total cost was $6.
And it’s FRIDAY!!! What are your plans? 
     We will be heading to a party for our friend’s birthday. Have a great night! 

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