Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Photo Dump + Going to the gym vs GOING to the gym

Hello Monday!
 This weekend was a couple days of rest workout wise- and I took advantage to the full!
Time to Photo Dump..
Friday night dinner at the Chinese buffet ( totally James idea btw..) There was a surprising amount of stuff for me to eat, including made to order veggie sushi and fresh fruit!

    Afterwards we met up with a bunch of friends at another Chinese restaurant- and my first volcano.. Those things are no joke and the night ended at 10 pm- guess I’m a bit of a light weight!

   Saturday bridal shower for my friend Laura-

   Held at a local vineyard which meant a whole lot of Sangria… apple pie cupcakes and fruit while the gifts were opened.
   Afterwards we met back up with the boys, had pizza, and watched an awful movie- which was still good because I got to get a snuggle session in with the husband.
  Sunday was car shopping nothing fun about that… at all!
Going to the gym vs GOING to the gym
       I love going to the gym more than most people out there; and that is why I peruse a job in fitness. But like everyone, there are times when I drag my ass out of bed and have to pull myself by the hair to get there. Most of the time getting through the gym doors is enough to get myself through the workout.. but then there are those days where walking on the treadmill is a task and lifting anything is out of the question. Those are the days that are the most important. But why?
    As long as I haven’t been neglecting rest days or really over doing it (meaning my body is giving me a red flag), it gives me an opportunity to rise above that little voice in the back of my head that tells me I can’t. I know you know the voice I’m talking about… The one that wants to pull you back into the negative mindset, doubting yourself and your abilities. Lets face it… if being healthy, staying in shape and finding balance were easy; everyone would be doing it effortlessly. Your friends and family would be spending their weekends running races, or working out right along with you…  But we all know it’s not that easy, even when you absolutely love it.
    So the next time that little voice inside your head tries to get you to hit the snooze button, say you’ll go tomorrow, or just allow you to slack off at the gym- tell him to go F off and get to the gym anyway.. even a half-hearted workout is better than none.. and eventually that voice will become softer and softer. Just remember, you tell yourself what you can and can not do!

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