Friday, April 6, 2012

WO + Factoid Friday

   Holy Hamstrings and Happy Friday! I’m feeling yesterday’s leg workout for sure- especially in combination with teaching last night and my workout this morning.  Both Monday and Thursday nights I teach classes which pretty much has me working out twice on those days. Fortunately I have a lot of energy and drink coffee :) Class was a blast last night- at least for me ;) Though the ladies really loved the wall walk-ups
    I mean wouldn’t you? 

    Our workout this morning was a circuit I threw together on the fly while drinking coffee and having breakfast:

Fast Friday Circuit (Repeat circuit 2x)
  • Mountain Climbers- 1 min non-stop
  • Decline Pushups- feet on bench- 12 reps
  • Decline Crunch- 20 reps
  • Kettle Bell Push ups-12 reps
  • Russian twists- on decline bench with 25lb plate- 20 reps alternating sides
  • Plank hold- 1 min
  • Jump squats- 1 min non-stop
  • Skaters- 1 min non-stop
    We ended with 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill (3.5 mph) which gave us a nice short workout to finish up the week.

   After the usual (stretch, roll, refuel, shower) I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon studying my brain numb. Seriously my brain HURT.. haha- I guess I should probably space the study sessions out a bit more huh. 

Factoid Friday
  1. When I was 17- I had my appendix removed on New Years Eve. The night before I went to a walk-in clinic, where they had no idea what was wrong with me (I wasn’t showing any symptoms except abdominal pain) so they sent me to the hospital. While there I was asked at least 25 times if I was or could be pregnant. They apparently didn’t believe me when I told them it would have been immaculate conception and were convinced that I was. The next morning they did an ultrasound only to find out that my appendix was the real issue. (Yeah thanks for listening folks) and it was yanked out less than two hours later.
  2. In combo with #1. Before my surgery I cried like a baby because I didn’t think I was going to wake up or I thought I might wake up too early. I also asked the surgeon if he ever left anything inside someone- he responded with “No, but there is a first for everything!” Thanks dude- not really a time for comedy!
  3. I have worked every major holiday in the last years since working at the Denny’s Toaster.. including this Easter Sunday, boo!

What are you Easter Plans?
Have you ever had your appendix removed? 

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