Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giving-em what they asked for...

   There is no greater compliment to me than committed students who show up week after week ready and excited to do whatever the hell I ask them to.  I am very fortunate to have amazingly trusting and willing students. They are the reasons that I teach- and they made me the teacher that I am today and push to be tomorrow. I am challenged to come up with new and exciting ways to keep their attention and get them results. 
    Twice this week I was contacted by two of my students. One hunted me down through Facebook just to tell me that she was unable to lift her arms from soreness and had to “stalk me” (her words-hah) to tell me that she loved class on Monday. (So adorable, btw) and Thank You :)
    The second is a long time student- one of the original girls that started coming over a year and a half ago- who told me, and I quote, “I hope your planning on kicking our butts on Thursday! I need to make up for missing last week” - Here’s my response:
                                                                   ---- Yes, I am.
    Just in case your wondering what wall walk ups have to do with yoga, I’ll explain. I teach a very untraditional class because well… I’m untraditional.. and that is the kind of students I attract. My students actually ASKED for walk ups a couple weeks ago and I am more than happy to oblige- They do anything I ask them to, no questions.. and I try and do the same. Anything they want to try, any body part they want to work on, any asana- anything at all.. they ask and I deliver.. I love that we have this two way communication.
     Without them.. I’d be just a crazy girl talking to myself in an empty room..  With them- I’m chasing a dream… to remind people that yoga can be fun, challenging and free.. (and isn’t always about meditation and inner peace) To share a combination of my practices and hobbies that I love with anyone who’ll listen and is just willing to try, and to never stay inside your comfort-bubble because outside there is amazing potential! 

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