Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 9- Check!

    This morning started at the usual 5 am wakeup call. Yes I realize that it is Saturday- but I wanted to get it moving and over with. This workout wasn’t so bad- it actually went by really quickly with all of the active and super sets. By the time we got to the running intervals- I was so hot and sweaty.. and I just couldn’t take it anymore.. I finally did it.. I ripped my shirt off and ran in my sports bra

     Yes I was that girl- and I didn’t even care. It was actually kind of liberating to throw caution to the wind and go for it and really if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to look.  We were out of there by 7:45am- and I rushed home for my daily smoothie.. It’s just not the same without my chocolate whey protein..  :( For the next couple hours following I didn’t do anything but waste time on the internet reading blogs, articles and of course I had the Wonder years on in the background. I finally took a shower around 10 and managed to get my butt out of the house around 11. It’s not that I actually had plans- but I did want to go to the book store so I could look through all the magazines that I don’t have the money to buy.. for free.
(well the truth is that I ordered my subscription a few weeks ago and I have yet to get an issue)

    I looked through 4 different magazines, all with my handy dandy piece of paper and pen (so I could take down any interesting information) I love how no one cared that I hung out there for over an hour without buying a single thing. Perfect :) Now if only I could get my body to look that good… hmm.. work forever in progress! 

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