Friday, March 2, 2012

Factoid Friday- A New Tradition

Factoid 1
    On February 29th 2012- I applied for the CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) certification. I had the site book marked for a week and I knew I was finally going to go for it- I just hadn’t actually purchased it yet.. But then I got an email that informed me NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) had a sale going on- $70 off! Well that settled it- what better way to celebrate a day that comes once every 4 years than to start on my next path?! (The textbook and other materials are being delivered to my house next week- YAY! But I do have access to the online course materials until then) 

Factoid 2
    I don’t have TV.. I mean I have a television- but I do not get a single channel. We rely on Netflix and our friends houses. 

Factoid 3
     This is my childhood best friend- 

        we lived 3 houses away from each other and were inseparable from kindergarden until 5th grade when she moved away. We lived in Providence RI and she moved about 20 minutes away to North Kingstown- but at that age its kind of hard to keep contact. Although we haven’t spoken in years I’m so excited and proud of her!!!
    Nothing can give you more motivation than seeing someone you grew up with making their dreams happen.. You get it girl!!!
   Please Please Please- if you watch this show or just want to vote for her.. please do it.. She totally deserves it :)

Factoid 4
    This mornings workout took us OVER two hours.. Holy crap woman.. Your trying to kill me! Actually- truth is, while the workouts are challenging and long as hell this week- I feel like it has been more of a mind game. The whole time I have to remind myself that we have come so far- almost done with week 9!- and that the end isn’t far away, we have to keep pushing.

Factoid 5
    I’m the biggest dork ever- who bought a bunch of “school supplies” for Factoid 1.. I’m pretty excited about it.

Factoid 6
    As of tomorrow I will be doubling my ADHD medication..

Well this is the first installment of Factoid Friday.. What factoids do you have for me?!

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