Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ut-oh… I think I pulled something..

     After my treadmill intervals yesterday morning I was feeling a little… twinge on the inside of my lower thigh-

After doing a bunch of research online and trying to figure out exactly what I irritated, my best guess is the sartorius- shown above in the bright red. Mind you I could totally be mistaken- as there are quite a few little muscles in there, but the way this guy comes down the “inseam” of the leg suggests that it could very well be the one causing the discomfort. Who really knows… either way it’s not feeling so good and really hurts when I touch it or bend my knee or sometimes just the action of walking forward.. What a bummer. 
   I know it is totally my own fault.. I’ve been super slackin’ with my yoga practice and I haven’t been stretching.. like at all. I know I know- what was I thinking? So I’m doing my best to take care of the problem, and hoping that it isn’t too late. I foam rolled this morning before work and did some light yoga/stretching- and I plan on doing it at least two more times before the day is out. Man it hurt like hell- I’m glad James had already left for work because I was swearing up a storm, haha.. I was mainly focusing on this and feeling so ridiculous.. 

I also did a bunch on my upper back

It has been super tight and feeling very weird.. Thankfully the foam rolling eased a lot of that.

    So for the rest of my “rest” day- there are a few household chores I need to get done; vacuuming.. again.. (why do my dogs have to shed so much?!) and some picking up.. But the hardest thing of all is actually figuring out what we are going to have for dinner.. 
     For a while now I’ve been having some trouble figuring out what to eat.. Nothing ever sounds good and I never crave anything (except maybe ice cream, hah) I eat the same old stuff day in and day out.. which is fine- but I just feel very uninterested and uninspired what it comes to eating. I just want to get the job done and move on.. Some of that is the meds for ADHD- I have mentioned that they make me “forget” to eat.. I don’t really feel hungry, but I want to drink about a gallon of water. Yesterday I started taking a double dose (as per docs orders) and I notice that the lack of appetite is strong.  I’m just hoping that there will come a time when I will actually care about food again. I used to write a food blog for goodness sake! These days you give me some greek yogurt, a smoothie, some broccoli or Kale, brown rice, eggs, and salad and I’m pretty much set. I hate being bored with food.. Maybe I just need some new ideas? Do you have any?! 

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