Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Over the hump

  Of week 4. With just two days left to go, I can’t believe a month has gone by! Todays workout was chest and triceps.. and just like last week, this was a killer.. I am a masochist and really love when my muscles start shaking and giving out.. makes me feel like I’m kicking ass and taking names. But really, I have been loving all of our workouts, even if I’m hating them at the moment. I love being sore and feeling that exhausted post workout high.. It reminds me so much of my swimming days.. Now the only thing missing is a coach yelling and screaming at me. Man how I miss that.
    These days I’m the one doing the screaming and motivating- and while I LOVE it, and I love when my students are working so hard… I’m in need of a coach or trainer of my own. More than that I really want to stop all this talk and start swimming again. I know it would be great for me to get back in the water- and really my best option as far as cardio is concerned. It’s interesting reading what other people are doing in the pool, the number of yards.. or laps- and realizing that I used to do more than that for a warm up back in my prime.. I’m not trying to sound snobby or better than anyone at all- please don’t misunderstand.. I’m just finally realizing the kind of shape I was in at that point, and I would really like to get there again. There is such a huge difference between being in Swim shape and in weight training/over all fitness shape.. Completely different. When I was a swimmer I was very bulky in the shoulders, and while I had a ton of muscle it wasn’t very lean (this might have something to do with my age at the time) with my yoga body- I am much more lean and feel the most strong I have ever felt, Ever… But if I were to jump in the pool there would be no way I would be able to swim a 25 second 50 free sprint.. Maybe with some practice.. I can’t believe that I used to be able to swim that fast!
   What holds me back? Well I don’t want to pay for the membership.. I know it seems really silly, but it’s going to be about $40 a month- which I wasn’t ready to fork over before (especially because I would have to pay an application fee which is somewhere around $80 last I checked) The plus is that it is literally right down the street (I’m talking 2 miles) So there is another pool about 15 minutes away that is $30 a month, but with the price of gas and the added time to actually get there I think the extra $10 is worth it overall. The other thing is that I would have to buy some more suits. I have a couple of my old ones, and they would be ok for a while- but I would have to purchase a few more pretty soon (when I swim I wear two suits out of habit.. When I was training we always wore multiple suits for drag.. and come race time we would wear super tight suits so shed that extra space- so now I feel extremely naked if I only wear one)
   So what do you think… should I suck it up and pay that extra money???

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