Monday, January 23, 2012


   I’ve been terrible at posting lately. Each time I sit down with intention to write about the day’s workout I seem to get distracted… Hello ADHD- you’ve been intense lately. I even went to Starbucks Friday to have some coffee and focus on blogging.. But then there were mom’s with their toddlers and internet access- so lets face it there were even MORE distractions..
   I’ve been doing the workouts each and every day- and this morning was once again Legs. (We are on day 22) It is definitely less fun to go to the gym when there is slushy ice on the ground. I definitely had a sweat going on this morning- maybe because I upped the weight in a lot of the exercises or maybe because we blew through everything a whole lot faster than usual. Apparently 2 days of rest were all that I needed for a little extra push.
   Today plans are pretty simple- Post workout protein shake (EAS Chocolate Whey, Strawberries, 1 tbsp Flax seed oil, 1 cup almond milk) YUM
   -Making Pumpkin Protein bars (via Jamie Eason and
   -Hitting up the Doc for the adventures in treatment for ADHD
And well.. whatever else I can scrape together.

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