Monday, January 16, 2012


   Sunday morning means I get to hit up Denny’s to make some money.. the day went by pretty well and I was out of that place by 1:30. I ran home for a quick snack and a change before I headed to Paula’s house to hang out. By the time I got home it was already 4:30 and although I knew that it was supposed to be a rest day from the weight training, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t do some yoga and handstanding. I took my asana practice from the Acroyoga Manual before working on handstands and forearm balances.  

   So I skipped a rest day with weight training and went right into week 3 of LiveFit. This week we start doing 5 days of weight training, which means we get an extra day of legs. It also changed a bit in the reps.. 3x10 reps of each exercise.  I really love getting up and out for gym time- and being done super early.. It makes me feel like I have the whole day ahead!


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