Thursday, December 8, 2011


    The last few days I’ve been stuck in the work zone- along with trying to sign up for classes which has been a total nightmare.. Seriously why are there so many hoops to jump through? I just want to sign up for classes!!! I just have to do the last few tricks before I can attempt to find some classes for next semester… So between that and some sore muscles I haven’t been to the gym..
    I did however hit up some
That would be Zumba, and I’m pretty sure thats that my face looked like too.. It was good fun- but it did make my already suspected pulled quad very sore and unhappy.. 15 minutes later I taught yoga and made it hurt more… Oh well- at least I got some sweat in! 
   Now I’m spending some snuggly time with the puppers and watching a really bad cheezy Christmas movie on Netflix.. I got to rest up for the weekend!
   What are your plans?

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