Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crack the whip

    Ahh protein- how I really do love you.  <3<3<3<3
The five pound bag is still going strong- though I think I want to try the vanilla one.. or another yummy flavor.. Cookies? Cake? Strawberry? Either way I’m not sure what else is out there really for flavors.. haven’t done the research because I’ve been too busy researching school programs. See what I haven’t told you is what I’ve decided to go to school for.. (I know I’m 26 you would think I would have figured all of this out by now- but I did do the yoga training in between… plus my attention span is about 35 seconds.)
      I’ve decided to become a High School PE teacher! I realize that wanting to teach high schoolers is probably going to be crazy hard but I think about coaching sports and the relationships that I had with MY coaches- and I would LOVE to be able to coach swimming!!! But lets talk about it’s going to take me years to finish school and then I’ll have to student teach.. Any PE teachers out there have any words of advice? I’m going to head out today to talk to an advisor at my community college (where I received my associates degree) and see what courses I can take there- that will transfer and to come up with a plan.. I’m a bit nervous about it because I know it is going to be a challenge; especially since it’s a double major.. Oh boy I might be out of my mind!

Or as crazy as Sue.. lol

Today’s workout is brought to you by frustration of babysitting a 6 year old boy at the crack of dawn:

10 min warm up treadmill
Chin ups 3x12
Plank holds 3 x1 minute
Incline DB Chest Press @ 15 lbs 3x12
Incline DB fly @ 7.5 lbs 3x12
Diamond push ups 12, push ups 12, Dive Bomber Push ups 12 ( That’s not each set.. just Diamond 1st set, ect.)
Tricep dips on bench 3x12
Leg Raises 3x10
Kayak Crunch 3x20 (alternating side, middle, side)
Toe touches 2x25
18 minutes walk/cool down on treadmill

Now I’ve GOT TO SHOWER because I’m pretty sure my clothes could walk away on their own.. Wish me luck at school!

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