Friday, December 9, 2011

Ouchie my quad hurts.. lower body workout

   As I mentioned earlier.. there is something up with my quad.. I know the best thing for it is probably some rest and stretching.. however I’m stubborn and felt guilty about not going to the gym.. So I went anyway.

 I started out with a nice gentle 10 minute walk on the treadmill
Smith Machine lunges@ 50lbs 3x12 each leg.
2 chin ups (not assisted! Using the frame of the smith machine)- 10 mountain climbers 3x12
Smith Machine Squats 1x12@ 90lbs, 1x10@ 100lbs, 1x8@ 110lbs (Yeah these didn’t make my quad too happy :/
1 minute wall sit x 3
Leg curl 3x12 (2@ 50 lbs 1@ 60lbs)
Jump squats 3x10 ( 1 Set- feet shoulder distance, 1 Set- feet together, 1 Set- jump feet hips distance-jump feet together-Jump up)
I ended with another gentle 10 minute walk on treadmill

It was a quickie for sure but it was still challenging for me today.. I feel much better about myself for going! I’m making sure to eat and drink lots of protein over the next few days and to get some stretching and foam rolling in to heal this bitch up quick :)

Anyway- plans for the weekend are pretty open so far.. I have to work on Sunday at Denny’s.. Bleh.. But other than that there is free space.. except if James doesn’t work tomorrow we are going to go to some Christmas thing in our old neighborhood.. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have to!!
What are your plans?

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