Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where is the spirit?

I headed out to the gym this morning right around 6:30AM to get some sweat in before heading off to work.. I was a little pressed for time so I tried to make it snappy.

5 minutes warm up walk on Treadmill

SS#1 Run through 3 times 12 reps each
Pull ups 40lbs assistance
Tricep Dips 40lbs assistance
Hanging Leg Raises

SS#2 Run through 3 times 12 reps except fly which was 8
Bicep Curl @ 15lbs 
1 arm Row w/ tricep Kick back
DB Fly 

I made it out just in time for a quick shower, and lunch making- though I was still a bit late.. it was fine. The day was pretty busy and went by rather slowly.. but I made it out alive.. I did however find out my hours for Christmas day.. Yes I have to work Christmas day- because my job sucks and Denny’s can’t close on even ONE day because they are money hungry, greedy assholes.. True story. I have to work 8-2 which pretty much kills the whole day.. Thanks again- so much for the holiday spirit huh?

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