Friday, December 16, 2011

Rest days- I always want to skip-em..

       But first we can talk about Thursday real quick.. The morning started at 5am with some coffee time with J and babysitting. Let me just tell you that I looked like crap and was really exhausted.. so exhausted that I got another coffee and stopped at the pharmacy to get some make-up so I could attempt to fix my face.. I’m not sure it did any good- but I at least felt better about myself..  (From now on said make-up will live in my car for such emergencies.) I finally got to the toaster for work at 9- a whole hour after my scheduled sift (whoops!) no worries- no one missed me.. I worked until 2:30ish, Got home to meet up with J, grocery shopped together, made dinner and ate before I ran to teach. I was pretty exhausted and passed out around 10..
     If it was hard to get up yesterday- this morning was twice as tough.. I didn’t get out of bed until 5:15 and I had to rush the coffee and put together a yogurty mess to take for my LAST morning of babysitting.. which thankfully went by really quickly----> YAY!

    Now lets talk about rest days. I hate them- they make me crazy and feel like I forgot to do something all day. But more than ever I realize that resting is just as important as the workouts themselves. Today is on of those days.. I was able to distract myself by hanging out with my long lost buddy Paula.. She and I always hang out- but with this new job that she got, she’s working a ton (it’s a seasonal “photo” job ) plus was finishing up school this week so I haven’t gotten to hang out with her as much as I like. We chatted, ate some lunch and caught up on the food network. Ah just what the doc ordered…

 How do you deal with rest days?

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