Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Morning coffee and workout before work..

    James gets up at 3:45 most mornings, which mean that the coffee time that we always had isn’t happening… Even though I get up pretty early most mornings- there is no way that I’m going to be up THAT early. Because of the line of work he is in, he works at different job sites often. Sometimes that means that he can get up at a normal time, and luck would have it that this morning was one of those days! I was passed out this morning, hard core and didn’t hear the alarm go off (I normally don’t) so when he came back upstairs to tell me that it was time to get up and that the coffee was already done I was in super zombie mode.source

     The morning was great! It had been so long since we enjoyed a morning together and I loved drinking our coffees while sitting next to the christmas tree :) Once J said good bye and headed off to work I spent some time relaxing and playing online before suiting up for the gym. Since it was the first time in a while that I would get to the gym before work I was ready to get into it and be done with my workout before 8 am.. I ate 1/2 of a ProBar and a bite of banana with pb before jetting off..

10 minute warm up walk on treadmill
   10 burpees x3
   5 pull ups with 25 lbs assistance x3
    Cable Row @ 70 lbs 3x 8
    Lat Pull down @ 85 lbs 3x8
    Shoulder Press @ 40 lbs 3x12
    1 minute forearm plank x3
     Barbell upright row@ 40 lbs 1x12
     Military press @ 40lbs 1x12
   Hollow body holds 30 sec/ boat 30 sec (repeated for 3 minutes no rest)
   Side plank with oblique dips 10 each side
10 minutes cool down on treadmill

I got home right in time for some breakfast which was the rest of that banana, 1/2 tbsp of pb, 1/2 scoop of EAS chocolate whey protein, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt and topped with a small handful of chocolate covered raisins… YUM YUM YUM.. I was completely starved so it was pretty awesome..

What are your favorite pre-workout snacks?

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