Monday, December 19, 2011

Playing catch up..

    This weekend was over in a flash.. and since last I saw ya I hung out with my buddy Paula and thank goodness because I had just about forgotten her face.. Friday night we met up with a couple friends for some drinks- but called it an early night because we were both super tired.  Plus I think we were both excited that we were going to be able to spend Saturday morning together.. like stay in bed as long as you want, drink gallons of coffee and stay in pj’s near the Christmas tree. It was wonderful! I find it pretty amusing that I can’t sleep past 7 am even when I have nowhere to go.
    Saturday also happened to be my mom’s birthday!

That’s my mom there between James and I- along with my Dad on our wedding day. I called up mom to say happy birthday and tell her we were going to take her out to lunch- where ever she wanted..  She chose Agave’s- which is a Mexican Restaurant right next to Denny’s.. I had only ever been there for margaritas :) which they have a whole menu page filled with kinds to choose from. I made my mom get one (she got mango which was SO yum) and we munched on free chips and yummy salsa while we waited for our meal. I got a mushroom and cheese quesidilla- which was pretty good at first but then it got soggy from the sauted mushrooms and it was a bit greasy- so I only ate half of it. Luckily I also ordered a salad and I was stuff to the gils with those damn chips.. We had a great time chatting and hanging out and were glad that we were able to spend that time with her. 

   James and I were super excited because we had to get ready for a night out to go see 
Cirque Dreams Holidaze:

What an amazing show!!! I can’t tell you how much fun I had- personally I know how challenging some of these things are- because I’ve tried to do them.. and these performers were completely amazing. I have so much respect for them, and want to be them.. lol If the show comes into town for you in the next few days, you need to go… no questions about it. 

    Sunday ended up being a crazy day at work.. Enough said. I was happy to be out of there and have a few hours afterwards to waste online- in silence after getting cleaned up. James came home to pick me up so that we could grab some stuff for dinner which we had with a few friends. After dinner (tacos!) we watched ELF to get into the Christmas spirit.. 

 Such a funny movie- and because I hadn’t seen it in a while I caught a few things that I missed the last time I saw it.. It was a nice way to end a hectic day. 

    Monday started nicely with some coffee and James time- and I was able to get to the gym at 7am- meaning that I was done and out by 8:30am which was the time I was actually just getting to the gym when I was babysitting.. so much better to be done early in my opinion.. I felt like I still had the whole morning!

10 minutes warm up walk on treadmill
    Smith Machine squats- 3x15 (1@ 70, 1@ 80, 1@90)
    Skaters 3x12
    DB reverse lunge @ 30 lbs 3x12 each leg alternating
    Barbell lunge- stepping forward @ 40lbs
    Mountain Climbers 3x20
    Barbell Stiff Leg Dead lift@ 60 lbs 3x12
    Bicycle crunch 3x20
    Hanging Leg Raise 3x12
18 minutes walk/ cool down on Treadmill

Since I hadn’t made it to the gym since Wednesday- or worked out since Thursday- feeling the burn felt awesome. I was totally ready to take on the day.. 

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