Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oxygen Lower Body- fantastical Recovery shake

    T-2 more babysitting days.. The kid was actually really good this morning and gave me to trouble at all.. I almost took back my resignation- ok maybe he wasn’t that good, but I’m making the best out of the situation for sure. While he slept away I watched
Funny that I’ve never actually seen it- and equally funny that I picked a movie that had to do with Christmas without even trying.. Twice in a row.. Yesterday I watched 
I guess I’m so tuned in with the Christmas movies I can sniff them out without even trying.. It’s like I have some sort of holiday radar going down.. Both movies were entertaining at 6AM.. which made both mornings go by much more quickly..
    With the kid safely on the bus I trekked over to the gym with my Oxygen mag in hand. I got it the other day when I went out with the Mom.. and just realized today that I got ripped off because it’s actually the November issue.. Boo! Either way they have a great lower body build your own style workout in there.. I figured I would switch things up and give it a try.. Basically there are 7 categories with a few exercises in each.. so you pick 1 exercise per category, and choose the rep amount and go to it.. Pretty simple, eh? I chose to do 3x12 reps--->some I upped the weight for the last set.

10 minutes warm up on treadmill
Barbell Squat 2@40lbs- 1@50lbs
Leg Press 2@ 130lbs - 1@150lbs
DB front lunge 2@40lbs- 1@50lbs
Seated Leg curl 3@60lbs
Glute Bridge (Bodyweight)
Standing Calf Raise (Bodyweight)
Hanging Leg raise (Bodyweight)
18 minutes (walk 3.5/ Sprint 7.5) Walk 90 seconds- Sprint 60 seconds (for 15 minutes and 3 minutes cooldown)

   I realized that I really prefer the Super Set method.. because I felt like I was just hanging around between sets and at times I felt bored. But it was good to switch things up and I will be including more workouts like this in the rotation. 
      Ok so now it’s time to talk about the AMAZING recovery drink I made for myself after my workout. I used 1 scoop of  EAS chocolate whey powder along with 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of raw old fashioned rolled oats- 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a splash of  whole milk for extra richness.. Dudes.. seriously- it was so fantastically delicious.. I gulped it up before I showered and it kept me full for a good 2 hours. 

So I’m wondering.. what else do you put in your recovery shakes? And what about your Protein powder? I put protein in pancakes, oats, yogurt, shakes and smoothies.. But I’m looking for more ideas. 

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  1. Sounds awesome! You might want to check out some of these recipes for other ideas: http://bodyforlife.com/library/recipes#pg-1.#pg-1. ~Jon @EAS