Monday, December 12, 2011

Babysitting countdown. Upper Body W/O

    Over the last few days I have made to executive decision to stop babysitting. Here’s the thing- it’s WAY too early in the morning (4:30/5 am) for the amount of money I’m getting ($15 for 3 hours BTW) and I’m not getting paid consistently. So this will be my last week- I’ll be done Friday and free from waking up for anything else besides a workout and work.. To be honest I just am too tired to do the things that I want to do when I get up that early. I’m starting to think that maybe I have mono or something? I’ve been way too tired which is so unlike me- and I’m really getting worried about it. This morning at the gym I was exhausted and probably slacked off since I didn’t even feel like I worked up a sweat. I didn’t sleep well last night- constantly tossing and turning- does this ever happen to you guys? What do you do??

I’m too tired and not so motivated Upper Body workout…
10 min warm up walk on treadmill
2x12 Assisted pull ups @25 lbs assistance!  (these were so much more challenging with less weight!)
2x 10 push ups (slowly!)
3x12 Bench Press @ 40lbs
3x30 second handstand holds (If I came down before 3o seconds I just go back up until the time is up- timing was a rough estimate.. I’m sure some of them were much more)
   DB Bicep curl @ 10 lbs each arm-----> 3 minutes continuously 
3x12 DB Halo (2 sets @ 7.5lbs 1 set @ 5lbs)
3x1 minute Plank hold
20 Min walk/cool down treadmill

So there you have it- nothing too spectacular but I made it to the gym so that counts as a success in my book! Plus it was the first time wearing my Christmas present from my mom :) ------->
    I was in such need of new running shoes so when I told my mom that’s what I wanted for Christmas- she was all for it! What a gal that mom of mine ;)
    They are super comfy- and are specifically for people who over-pronate.. I’ve had Asics before and loved them so when I had to make the choice I went with a tried and true brand.. I think since I was wearing really crap shoes for a while my body might take some time to adjust.. I felt a little knee twinge and a food ache or two.. but over all they feel great!

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