Monday, December 5, 2011

Husband, who?

  Oh yeah! :)

 James worked all weekend.. I mean he left at 5AM Saturday morning and got home at 6PM; Sunday was the same. I felt like I didn’t see him at all which is always a bummer.. So when he suggested that we go out for dinner and spend some time together I was all for it. We decided to go to Crazy Burger which so happened to be featured a while ago on Diners, Dive-ins and Dives.. The food is a mix of homemade foods- including tons of vegan stuff.. which was the reason I had gone there so many years ago. I of course forgot my camera in the excitement of getting ready and seeing James… But everything was amazing!
   This morning I had to babysit and went straight to the gym as per usual. Today was a bit of lower body work:
   20 minutes on treadmill (various inclines and walking speeds)
Squats with 2-3 chin ups between sets (I can always do two but I’m working to get to 3.. so sometimes it’s just a half one :)
 12@ 80 lbs x2
 12@ 90 lbs
 12 @ 100 lbs
   Leg extension @ 80 lbs- 12,10,8
   BW lunge 3x12 (2 sets stepping forward, 1 set backward)
    Hip Adduction @ 130 lbs- 12,10,8
   BW squat 3x12
Headstands, Handstands and stretches with a few backbends thrown in for good measure 10 minutes

The day is already flying by.. I can’t believe it’s almost time for lunch, but at least I’ve gotten some stuff done.. Laundry is in process dinner is made and just needs to be baked.. dishes are washed.. I guess it’s time for some cleaning!

What are your Monday plans?

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