Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today was a long day.

   Today was the first day that I had to do all three jobs.. I woke up at 4:30 AM so that I could watch Aydan- got him on the bus for 8:30AM. From there I went home quick to grab a snack, get changed and head to Denny’s for a full day of work.. Thankfully I was able to leave an hour early because it was super slow- and I was exhausted….
   I headed to Paula’s house for a couple hours- before heading back to the house for dinner… Salad and pizza (Broccoli and black olive with Alfredo sauce ) Then it was off to Zumba for a 45 minute sweaty session. I really love Zumba- so much fun! I’m totally looking into getting certified to teach this… I taught my class tonight to a small group- just 3 of the girls were able to make it… and they asked for lots of stretching- so we toned down the intensity a bit and gave them what they wanted.
   After class I headed to the house where James and Brandon were playing some video games- and we put on the roast of Charlie Sheen.. too funny.. Seriously it was brutal- check it out!! Time to crash!

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