Thursday, November 10, 2011

Since last we saw...

   I got my hairs cut- and I LOVE it! Steph my hair stylist does an amazing job with my long hair (and with me because I’m a freak about cutting it… ) It has been 6 months since the last time I got it cut.. and it was too grown out for the layers to look any good.. She took about an inch off the bottom and two inches off the layers to get some movement into this hairy beast. As much as I’m wanting to grow my hair back down to my bottom I like it this length- and especially with the layers and shorter pieces that frame my face..
    My workout was an abbreviated one consisting of BodyRock Sexy and I know it and Pinned Image
   Not too bad- by the time I completed them both I was definitely ready for a shower. After I showered we made some dinner and unfortunately had a wake to attend- I must say that these things freak me out a lot but I made it through in one piece..
    We left there and headed out for a drink- Wednesday wine and cigar night was canceled due to hunting season so we just decided to head out, to hang out.. We hit up a local bar and I had a caramel apple martini.. We didn’t stay out late because 4:30 comes super early for my baby sitting gig.. and Thursday in general is a tough day for me.. (It’s just super long)

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