Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brought to you by.. Slackers everywhere..

    It’s been decided that I am a slacker when it comes to getting things done sometimes… however I did manage to get my workout schedule done- I’ll post it at some point.. but for now todays workout consisted of 30 minutes on the treadmill (HIIT) 3x15 hanging leg raised, 2x12 assisted pull ups (with 40lbs of assistance)  and Bodyrock Good feeling workout- My scores:

Squat jumps (low- w/o the punch- I don’t have an ugi) 54/42
Frog Burpees 19/20
Side Forward lunge left 12/17 (For whatever reason I could not figure out how to do this at first… total mind melt down for a few seconds.)
Side Forward Lunge right 13/15
Sumo push up 11/12
Side knee raises (I did knees into alternating shoulders from my back) 22/21

 This workout was a quick and sweaty mess brought to you by my Yogaslacker shorts :) It’s a good thing that today’s workout was quick-ish because I started a new job this morning.. at 4:30 AM I was trying to wake up so that I could get to the house where I will be baby sitting anywhere from 2-4 mornings a week- from 5:40 until the school bus gets him at 8:30.. I didn’t really know what to expect since I just met the little boy Aydan last night.. and 6 year olds can be crazy- but he is such a little sweetie.. He didn’t even wake up until 7:15- and got dressed and ate breakfast without any resistance..
Anyway lately I’ve been feeling crafty- and I have a couple things in the works.. which I’ll show you all when I actually make some progress, but for now my eyeball:
I really like the Macro setting on my camera :)

    This afternoon I’m getting my hair cut- and then I have to go teach…

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