Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting things in order

   This morning after babysitting the kid- I headed to the apartment to pick up my stuff and bring it to the house. I got almost everything (with the exception of the cabinet that I remembered after I got home and was putting kitchen stuff away- I’m pretty sure it’s just the rice cooker and the food processor.. ) I left behind the things that will require a truck- The bed, the couch, coffee table and bookcase. I even took the initiative and cleaned everything down so that I don’t have to do it when I pick up the last of the stuff.
  The intention was that I was pack up as much as I could and then head to the gym straight from there, and leave the unpacking and putting away until after I got my sweat on. That didn’t happen- instead I just went right home and started to put stuff away. I’m doing my best to get everything situated right away instead of leaving everything lying around. I forgot how much time it takes to pack and unpack things.. Lets hope I don’t have to do this again for a long time.
    I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to give people for gifts this year for Christmas. I always make biscotti and I will do so this year as well- but I’m thinking for those people who I want to give a little something extra to, I will make my granola from a recipe that I refuse to part with..
   I finally got to the gym- but my stomach has been really wonky today for some reason and the workout didn’t really go as planned.. But I’m glad that I went anyway..

15 minutes @3.5 mph treadmill
SS1: Lat Pull down 3x12
        Cable Row 3x12
SS2: Military Press 3x12
        Bicep curl 3x12
SS3: DB Fly 2x12
        Push ups 2 x12
DB row 3x12 each side
--> Here’s where the plan failed.. I was planning on a 3 mile run- but my stomach was screaming at me at this point and even though I was trying to ignore it, I somehow managed to pull the emergency stop button off so I just took it as a sign and packed up for home.. I ended up running for 6 minutes. haha

A few minutes ago I got some bad news.. The class that I have been teaching for a few months on Tuesdays (where I make an awesome $55 for one hour of work) is being taken away from me. See the woman who was teaching it to begin with is the owner of the studio I teach at- she was having a baby and had another one of the teachers lined up to teach the class- but I had covered the class a few times and the students requested that I teach it. When she brought it to my attention- of course I was thrilled.. and happily accepted. But she said that the class would be mine permanently which again was awesome.. Who wouldn’t be. Today out of the blue I get told that she  is taking the class back- and not only that, it will be starting next week. This is weird because she isn’t even coming back to the studio until January. I’m feeling upset about it, and I think it’s for good reason. Unfortunately there isn’t much that I can do about it… It’s my word against hers and maybe she doesn’t remember that she “gave” it to me. Hmph.. there goes $220 a month.. Bummer.

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