Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dinner parties

  I headed out to Melinda’s house last night for a last minute dinner party with Kristen:
It was a bit more low key than my birthday- some wine and homemade noodle bowls and lots of girly conversation :) I always love spending time with these ladies it’s guaranteed fun!  I headed home around 8:30 because I wasn’t feeling well and Melinda had to get up early for work today.. I took some meds and headed straight to bed for lots and lots of sleep.. I woke up around 2 am for a bit but went right back to sleep- didn’t wake up until 6:30- ah 10 hours of sleep! The rest didn’t do much for the sickness- but I’m hoping that it will jump start the healing process. 
    I’m skipping the gym this morning in favor of some catch up time with my friend Meghan. 

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