Wednesday, November 23, 2011


    It was so great catching up with Meghan- she’s a friend from my yoga teacher training was back in 2008. We don’t get to hang out too much because she lives near Boston- but when we get together we just get lost in the conversation and before I knew it was 2:30! James was on the way home at the same time- but offered to run to the grocery store to grab some greens for a soup.
    I got home, checked the mail and couldn’t believe that the Ipod that I ordered on Amazon for James for Christmas was a day early! I felt so lucky to have made it to the mailbox first. I got a great deal on it- it’s the brand new 160G Ipod, I found it for $30 cheaper than apple is selling it with free shipping! I’m excited to surprise him :) Too bad I have to wait a whole month!
    Just one more day until Thanksgiving…

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