Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finding strength within

     Thursday while at work I got a text from Adi (my friend and teacher from the Yogaslackers) about the retreat she and Chris were running this weekend. Earlier in the week she had sent and email to the fellow East Coast slackers and myself about coming to help out at a discount. I had told her that even at a discount I still couldn’t afford it- although I totally wanted to go. The text Thursday was to tell me that if I could come I could just pay for food and climbing they both wanted me to come. Really- I shouldn’t spend any extra at this time- but each time I’ve gone in the past  (twice last summer) I had an amazing time.. So I agreed and headed out Friday morning to the Delaware Water Gap in PA. I got there at 3:30pm- just in time for handstands on handstand blocks This contraption is used to work grip strength and the idea of using your fingertips for balance in a handstand. 5 tuck ups and 5 straddles- that will wake the body up! People started to arrive around 5:30 and we hung out and prepared dinner while they all set up tents and got settled in. We had this amazing potato leek soup that Chris made for dinner and had a camp fire complete with s’mores :)
    Saturday morning started out with a great yoga class with all of us jammed into Chris’ living room (it was raining and so we had to move indoors) had some hang out down time and rounded the day out with more yummy food, acroyoga and thai massage. It was still raining, hard- so we all camped out in the house instead of tents…
    Sunday came quickly and there was still some rain and dampness to deal with- but lucky enough it stopped early enough for us to still be able to do some rock climbing. But first we ate!! I’m talking about gluten free chocolate chip banana pancakes, scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese and pounds of fruit. I ate like a horse!! We packed up our cars and drove to the climbing spot. It was the most amazing time I’ve ever had climbing… ever.  Chris told me that should couldn’t believe the change in me- my confidence in my climbing and towards myself. Funny thing is that I hadn’t been purposely doing anything differently- the changes on the outside and my outlook on things are truly radiating from within- and to me that means that I’m doing something right.. I learned a huge lesson and so much about myself as I was hanging on the rock face- and I’m confident that it was enough to keep me working towards the person that I want to be, the person that I already am- but that I am working to realize each and every day.
    For some people rock climbing is terrifying- and I’ve definitely have had those moments where I have broken down and cried because I was scared and wanted to be on solid ground. But this weekend there was a break through- Instead of trying to control the rock (control my mind, feelings and emotions) I just could feel the new found confidence that I could over come the obstacle- all I need to do was breathe and look around… Everything in life deserves a second look.

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